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New York State Industrial Commercial Abatement Program

  The New York State Industrial and Commercial Abatement Program (the “ICAP” or the “Program“) was established to encourage the development and renovation of commercial and industrial properties in New York City.[1] ICAP replaced an existing program- the New York State Industrial and Commercial Incentive Program (“ICIP”). ICAP was a welcome change from ICIP, which was …


Michael DiLeo Named Partner at Brown & Altman

BROWN & ALTMAN LLP NAMES MICHAEL J. DiLEO PARTNER MELVILLE, NY (February 2014) – Michael J. DiLeo, who joined the Melville, N.Y., law firm Brown & Altman LLP in February 2008, has been named a partner of the firm. “Michael was our first hire and, from day one, we have been very proud to have …


Brown & Altman’s legal services

Brown & Altman, LLP provides our clients in the real estate and development industry with a broad range of legal services including financing, leasing, zoning, environment, real property, administrative, and construction law, and much, much more. Please contact us to know more.